Bitter Sweet Sweater

I was making this sweater for a woman at work that was pregnant. I had already made her an baby afghan and gave that to her. Last week she lost the baby. I was so sad - it was their first baby and they had been trying for a long time. Luckily it took me longer than expected to complete the sweater so I didn't give it to her as a gift. I just hate the thought of the afghan laying around as a reminder of her loss.

Lesson learned - no baby knitting until the baby is born.

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Wow, that's sad. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. They say that losing a child is about the worst human pain there is. I'm so sorry for your friend's devastating loss, Eric. That's a tough one.

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It is a charming little sweater and the colour would look good on any child. I am sorry for your friend and her husband. Many yeas ago I knit a sweater for a little baby that only lived for a day. Like you, I had not given it to the mother and was very thankful. From that point on I don't knit for specific babies but always have one or two sweaters on hand as well as baby shawls. I remember giving the sweater to charity as it was a sad and painful reminder of the the little one who died.

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I see a lot of people in the world hold baby showers BEFORE the baby is born. I always thought this was so strange. Where I come from, the baby showers were held AFTER the baby was home, and doing well. I thought that was so sensible, for many reasons.

Consoling a mother that has lost a child is something that no one can do. Be supportive, and let her heal in her own way. Sometimes all she needs is a good listener, or a shoulder to cry on. All we can do is be there. Amazing what the presence of another person can do for you.

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What beautiful work Eric...

I'm sure that she would have been delighted and touched had thing worked out differently...

Box the sweather with something that smells nice, and one day the time will be right to take this lady for coffee and show here your will possibly see more tears, but she will be can tell her that you are keeping it for her for happier times...

Chris...wildly knitting...always!

...wildly knitting...always!

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I feel so sorry for your friend. Here's hoping that the baby afghan can be a comfort to her and encouragement to try again. The sweater is lovely. If you aren't comfortable keeping it for a future child, perhaps you can donate it to the hospital or local agency for newborns. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.