When will I learn?!

When will I learn to calculate gauge on EVERYTHING?! I thought that since it was a felted christmas stocking, and nobody would be wearing it, gauge didnt really matter. Well I bought a super bulky felting yarn from the yarn shop with the mean ladies. I am 14 inches into the stocking now and the pattern says when Im done, and before felting to fold it in half. Well I was kinda curious and just folded it in half for a second to see how big it would be overall...and I realized...width wise, the stocking is the perfect size already...So if I felt it, the heat will make it shrink therefore making it look more like a normal sock rather than a stocking to put my kitty's new toys in at Christmas time (I spoil him). I honestly believe the mean ladies at the yarn shop make me so nervous (and they really do make me nervous because they "lurk" and wonder why a man is in THEIR yarn store) that I lose all rational thought when I go yarn shopping. So I'm wondering if its possible to felt it in cold water so it wont shrink? Or is this something that really can't be helped? (Other than frogging of course) HELP PLEASE!!!


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Don't felt it...just enjoy it the way it is...put a little catnip in the toe and your kitty will love it!

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Mitch Mitch

Checking guages is for girls!! :-)...I never bother with guages and test squares and it never upset me...except for Joe's knitted underwear which made me talk a little different for a while!!

Honestly though I know what you mean....75% of my projects get undone half way through because I havent done things the right (girly) way!

I can't believe your knitting shop ladies are mean...mine are lovely, but I think that is becuase half of them have actually died of old age....you just lean over...shove some money down their blouses...and leave...

Chris......wildly knitting...always!

...wildly knitting...always!

Find another LYS. When I was a boy and teenager, my LYS was just as you describe; the ladies there treated me like a potential thief. Times have changed. They didn't and they're out of business. If you're buying yarn from a LYS, you should be able to get help and advice from the proprietors. If not, buy over the internet and let your LYS go out of business. From your previous postings, I think I recollect that you're in Germany. There, too, women who run yarn stores are expected to treat male customers well. Take your business elsewhere.

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Haven’t a clue about the felting question, Mitch, but I went yarn shopping with my sister the other day and what a difference that made. No stink-eye. Other shoppers asked her what she was making and she’s like, “My brother’s making a rug for me.” And then they turn to me and they’re all, “Oh, did you go to Stitches West last month?” And all of a sudden Bob’s my uncle! Things are quite different when you go yarn shopping with a straight woman. (I went yarn shopping with a dyke friend once. Didn’t really help.)

My LYS rocks! And, I might add, they are very man friendly. A yarn shop should be like a bar for knitters! Can I get an amen? *theme from Cheers playing in the background* And I'm inclined to agree with Bill. Does it really need to be felted?

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Thanks for all ya'lls suggestions, I actually bound it off and felted what I had done just to see, turns out it didnt shrink all that much ( I hand felted it with boiling water using a spatula for the agitator) but the stitches did blend together somewhat, not completely though I think next time I just have to sit there and abuse it longer (I live in a dorm and we have a community kitchen at the end of the hall and someone needed the sink) but now I know how it felts at least so I can do it again and not freak out. As for the LYS, its a German yarn specialty chain store (one of the few chain stores in Germany) I hear tell though that there is another one just a few blocks from my dorm that sells DROPS yarn etc. I need to find it and see if the costs are somewhat better (and if the people are nicer) cause if so I'm going to switch to that one, the other one I went to just because I knew it was there and the only other place I know of to buy yarn at is a big department store that has a textiles dept. (not much of a selection and crappy quality yarns) The only thing that place is good for is going and buying needles and stitch holders etc. But anyways, onwards and forwards, guess I better cast on for attempt number 2!

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I'm just finishing up my first pair of socks. I'll post a pic when I'm done. I think your socks look a bit more professional than mine, good job. Maybe it's true about misery loving company because my local yarn shop has mean ladies also so I was happy to hear it wasn't just me. They all look at me like they are seconds away from being raped. Although as my purchases become more and more costly they seem to be warming up to me slowly. There's a good yarn shop in Toluca Lake, Sit n Stitch, where they are actually friendly.