Dare I say it....

I knit about 28 pairs of socks a year to give as gifts.... I am unsure of the exact sizes so I have designed a pattern in small , med, large, x-large. This sock is based on the ( in a hushed voice) "Tube sox."
....after all, the colors and leg patterns are what I enjoy most.
I have at one time or another made most of the heels out there..... BUT, for the amount of socks I make....it is the tube sock it the most requested ! They wear a long time, as you will seldom wear them at the same position every time .
I use a kitchner cast on, rib for 1 1/2", work in whatever "leg" pattern that catches my fancy...until the piece meas 8" (from cast on). Then work in stockinet until piece meas 16" (Medium), or 17" (Large). Do a round toe.....Finish sock.... These seem to fit a multitude of sizes. I seldom wear "store bought" sock any more.


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How funny! I've haven't knitted socks yet, and I wasn't about to ask if anyone had ever knit tube socks before for fear of mockery and shame! Thanks for posting this - I may just try this before venturing into socks with heels.

Patrick :)

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They sound like they are fun to make. And I am sure the people who receive them as gifts are very thankful. There are always discussions on what type of heel is better, but in reality they are discussions on what heels we like to make. We often forget that just knitting something is the important thing and that each of us has found a way of doing something that pleases us. In reality, your socks could be knit up or down and the heel would be the same in both!! My mother used to knit tube socks that had a spiral rib and they were often for gifts when she didn't know the foot length. Do you use sock yarn and small needles with your socks or a variety of yarn and needles?

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Melanie Fallick's great book on kids knitting has a really fun tube sock that is a spiralled 3x3 ribbing. I've made several pairs but changed the toe to a conventional round one...her version seems too blunt. Great fitting [and wearing] and you can really play around with colors, etc. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.