Time to get ballsy...

So I’ve decided to, in a way, close my eyes and jump off a cliff and probably overshoot my abilities and (attempt to) knit my first sweater. It is a DROPS pattern and I will be using DROPS yarn with it. I chose this because I hear all my friends raving about how they love DROPS yarn and patterns so I figured I would give it a shot, that, and there is a yarn shop which I discovered that sells DROPS yarn right here in Hannover (unlike in the states where you have to buy it online). Plus, the pattern is available in English and I can buy everything I need for it here...win and win! I know that it’s almost summer and therefore I won’t need the sweater, but I figure that if it takes me longer than my original timeline which is 3-4 months (I don’t know if that’s pushing it for a sweater or not since this is my first one). Then if I need to frog it or if anything unexpected comes up I can fix it before it starts to get cold. But yeah, that’s my plan, here’s the link to the pattern below, tell me what ya’ll think!


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like the collar! good luck - and keep us posted

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Nice looking sweater. You will finish that well within your time scale.

Beautiful and a piece of cake for you, since it's not much different from a reinforced heel. I hope you've found a new LYS with a supportive group of knitters, so you could ask them what to do about the collar. In the photo, it looks to me that it's too loose and has become floppy. You might solve this by picking up fewer stitches, knitting on smaller needles, redesigning (perhaps a shawl collar with some shaping, see below) or using a more elastic ribbing such as a 1 x 1 or 2 X 2. The latter option is probably the easiest; you could use that on the cuffs and hem, too. To me, the yarn looks too bulky to successfully get away with the 3 X 3 (I think; didn't read the directions) ribbing. It's likely that the optimal solution would be to redesign the collar by knitting a hexagon shaped like <____> and fold it in half so you get a trapezoid that looks like
\_____/, and then sew it onto the neck opening. If you choose that option, and you LYS can't help you, I could send you photos illustrating what I mean. Have fun!

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Good for you. A sweater is much more interesting than a scarf. You have chosen one, too, that has some detail that will keep you on your toes. Good luck.

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This should be a very fun sweater to knit...the pattern stitch will keep it interesting and knowing what the final result will look like, it will keep you inspired (at least until the second sleeve!).

When you go to sew up the pieces of the sweater, I would highly recommend asking for advice from your knitting friends. It will make all the difference how you seam the shoulders, the sleeves and the sides of your sweater...especially to a perfectionist.

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What a great looking pattern - should be fun!

I'm no sweater expert but if I can offer a tiny bit of advice: don't worry that a sweater is too hard. It's mostly like knitting a scarf... you just get to play around with a few things here and there :-)

Don't hesitate to ask questions - I've found the people here and at my LYS very helpful!

Grace and peace,

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Very cool mate. You'll find it a great challenge - and from here on, you will think that scarves are boring.

I really have to echo QueerJoe's comment - see if your LYS has a "finishing class" making up can make or break your jumper (you should see my first - the shoulders were a mess!)

It will look great!


In cielo non c'e vino...beviamolo sulla terra!

In cielo non c'e vino...beviamolo sulla terra!

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Lots of luck with your first sweater. Just remember to be easy on yourself and don't be afraid to rip if necessary. It's only knitting. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Mitch, the sweater looks great and I am sure you will find it much more full and fulfilling than scarves. Don't think of this as over-shooting. You're stretching, growing and will learn so much more about this craft!