grumble/whinge/rant/grumble; mutter, mutter, mutter

For about 15 months I've had a download available on a "certain site". It showed in my "store"; it showed in my designs; it showed in my projects. Lots of ways to find it.

IN 15 or so months I think only 12 day went by without at least one download. So people were finding it.

Reecently it disappeared from my projects. It disappeared from my store. It diappeared from my patterns listing. It disappeared from my designs listing (which is basically my pattern listing but reached in a different way and looking very different though redundant as all hell)

Wierdly , it still comes up if you search for it under "patterns" as a catagory

It still is listed on the management page of my store; and if I go to the record it is still there, listed as active; but I no longer have an edit button.

The download still works; just all easy links to it are gone.

Frustrating? VERY!!!!! - then I spend a day going in circles trying to get some help or expllanation as to why this might have occurred and how to fix it.

The help oages kled me in circles; so first I posted a query in what I thought was the most appropriate forum. They suggested I go to a different page. That page suggested I try a different forum. I went there and it suggested clicking on the "contact us" button. The "contact us" button suggested posting a thread in the forum.

I did so. I got a snarky response - you already asked about this elswhere and were told what to do....

So I tried the "contact us" link again. no names. no addresses. no further links.

started hunting. Finally gave up and went to the top in a pm.

So far the answer is "probably deleted by an editor because {insert lame excuse here} ; though policy is to notify when that happens. " (I never got any notifivation.)

Now, I can see that happenning, though why I wasn't notified I don't know. I can see a notification system not working.

But why would an item get deleted and the management page for it still show it as active? Why would you delete a download and leave the file?

Either the deletion procedure is a royal-f*ckup, or the database is corrupt
or both (in my opinion)

And I still don't have an snswer as to whether or not I can just recreate the link pages.....


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Well that just sucks... I hope your day gets better... will be sending mental warm fuzzies

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Gosh. I'm sorry. Sounds like whoever is running the database is corrupt.