My first socks.

These are my first socks. They're not perfect but still I wore them up to Portland, Or. on a recent trip and they felt great. I'm already looking for a pattern for the second attempt.

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I said I'd post a picture of my first attempt at socks when I finished. Well, here they are.

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Congrats on getting through your first pair! If you are interested, I have found Priscilla A. Gibson-Robert's book, "Simple Socks Plain and Fancy" to be very helpful in learning how to create a simple sock pattern with only a couple of measurements. Good luck!

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They look great!

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check the Ann Norling basic sock's written for several gauges and is very clear .

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I love hand knit socks...and yours are a great looking example...framing the variegated green with the white worked just perfectly. Congratulations.