what does one do with 50 lbs of red heart?

OMG. My BF has some friends he lunches with on occasion. Well one of them just broke with his partner a few months ago. His partner was a knitter and left all his supplies and his ex got really tired of keeping it. So long story short my bf acquired it for me. When I said sure I didn't know what I was getting into.

I went through it last night. I found :

4 garbage bags full of yarn
1 large cardboard box full of these huge spools of acrylic fuzzy chanile like yarn
20 contemporary books
10 old mags and designs
1 bag full good needles, counters and such(knit picks, and such)
1 ultimate knitting sweater machine
2 Rubbermaid boxes full of yarn

It was shear madness looking through it all. The yarn was about 40% redheart acrlic crap and 40% lion brand, then 20% misc stuff. I have no idea what to do with all the red heart. I really don't knit with it. I don't care about the sweater machine either. Machine knitting takes all the fun out of it. The books were great I love books. There was also a large quantity of ribbon and fru fru yarn. That might just get trashed. I don't knit with ribbon or eye lash yarn. After I give away what I can I might be back on here asking if anyone wants to buy it from me lol.

It was madness I tell you. My bf and I spent several hours sorting it and laughing and some of the stuff we found. We titled some of the yarn colors as: dog vomit, blood massacre, pepto pink, I'm gay purple, disco queen, ultra fru fru, dirt, and more.

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I have a neighbour in Mexico who knits bedside mats with Red Heart. I believe she uses 2 or 3 strands held together and a big needle. When they are completed she sews that no slip shelf liner to the back of them in strips. Really, they are rather attractive and as she says they give her something to do while watching her novelas. They are easy to wash and she has some that are years old.

Hmmm good idea. I don't guess you have a picture or example pattern??

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She just does garter stitch - it is surprisingly soft to the feet - and makes them in different sizes. You could do a 10 stitch swatch to figure out the width and then just knit until you have the right length.

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Donate it to your local elementary school!
Teachers use yarn for all sorts of projects, and most of the time end up buying it out of their own pocket! Even the "novelty" yarns can be GREAT for craft projects!

That's a great idea..

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I'll second that. The school might take the machine as well - kids could each work a few rows of charity blankets as a class project.

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I also vote for donating it to your local school or, as an alternative, a senior center. Other possibilities are a Shawl Ministry group or Newborns in Need type of organization. They can always use yarn and such. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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heh, i'd take the coned yarn so i can weave with it if you decide to give it up :) it's a decent score though!
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Change your thoughts; change your world.