KAL Felted Christmas Stocking Completed with Pictures!!

Just finished the stocking last night, and felted it today, I used the washing machine at my laundromat plus a good beating in the kitchen sink. I think for the next few weeks whenever I do laundry I'm going to toss it in with a load to get the stitches to disappear (I can't do all the felting at once because the washing machines at the laundromat cost 4,00 Euro for one load) However, this was a great project and really enjoyed it with the exception of the first "frogging." I learned how to turn a heel etc. So now whenever I make my first pair of socks it'll be easier. Here are some pictures below, let me know what you guys think! The first picture (186) is before felting and the second one is after felting.

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I think it turned out very nicely. And you are right - you have learned a lot in the project. I have been knitting for many years and am still learning. Good idea of throwing it in with another load.

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It came out great! I've been curious as to how everyone is doing with their KAL projects. I finished the boxers today, but they're currently being blocked... Awesome job on the stocking, especially since it's your first time with a sock pattern too!