Carlito Cardigan Pieces finished at last!

Just finished the sleeves on the Carlito Cardigan. Thank God! Now all the pieces are finished. I'll block them tomorrow.
This is the first sweater that I have done in pieces and I really don't like it (the pieces part, not the sweater itself). The gansey that I made a few months back was done all in the round and the sleeves were worked from the shoulder down. I think what i liked most about this method was that I could see all of my progress and that I was always knitting on the right side.
My next project is a fair isle sweater done in the round just like the gansey. I have an inch of the ribbing done already, Yeah!


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I love that feeling of FINALLY finishing something thats taken forever, Congratulations! Im about to start my first sweater myself...just after I finish this felted bag for my mom (she threw a fit that I hadn't knitted her anything yet).

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Did you ever think of converting the sweater into one knit in the round? I am not that familiar with the pattern so don't know if it could be done. It would drive me insane to have to peer over the needle when knitting Fair Isle or cables to see where I was at. I always knit both in the round. My sister-in-law knits Fair Isle back and forth and watches TV when doing so. More evidence that we are not all alike.

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I truly believe that you can get a more refined fit etc knitting in pieces and putting them together. Also, you don't have to carry around the entire sweater, just the piece that you are working on. However, there are a lot of people that A don't like the finishing processes B don't know how to put things together well and C do not block their pieces before construction. I think that of all the people that I know who do not like the finishing process because of B and C. It takes time, effort and planning to sew up a garment correctly. You are well on your way to success since you are already planning to block the pieces before sewing, this in itself make the finishing at least 50% easier as you have nice flat pieces that are not (or minimally) rolling on the edges.

I'm assuming that you bound off the shoulder seams. I would suggest crocheting them together, gives greater stability and strength where it is needed most. Remember all the fabric hangs from the shoulders. If you did not bind them off and have live stitches; do a 3 needle bind off. Next, attach the sleeves from shoulder seem to the edge of the sleeve. You can crochet here also or try a modified mattress stitch matching sides of stitched (body) and tops of stitches (sleeves). Once the sleeves are attached, mattress stitch from the bottom edge of the side seem, through the underarm and down to the cuff. Weave in ends, add buttons and wear with pride.

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The conversation about "knit in the round" versus "flat pieces seamed together" has gone on for many years. My personal take is that a knitter should do whatever they prefer, as long as it gives them the finished project they want. I prefer knitting in the round since I don't care to seam things together but I also choose it because, historically, that is the way ganseys and Fair Isle garments were knitted by their originators. But that is what suits me. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.