This not an actual post on quilting, just so ya know!

Some of you may already know this but one of my favourite poets called Lucille Clifton passed away in February after a long struggle with cancer (I think that's what it was...information is limited), Now I'm thinking of knitting/crocheting something in her memory...and I have the perfect poem for inspiration. The poem is called Quilting and I think, as knitters, this might put things into perspective, or align with whatever your current perspective is. So here's the poem...


somewhere in the unknown world
a yellow eyed woman
sits with her daughter

some other where
alchemists mumble over pots.
their chemistry stirs
into science. their science
freezes into stone.

in the unknow world
the woman
threading together her need
and her needle
nods toward the smiling girl
this will keep us warm.

how does this poem end?
do the daughters' daughters quilt?
do the alchemists practce their tables?
do the world continue spinning
away from each other forever?

So does anyone have any ideas of what I could make in her memory? I was thinking perhaps knitting an afghan in the colours red and brown (symbolically), but is there any way I could incorporate something of her into the pattern!?

If anyone has any other ideas I'd really appreciate it?!?




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You could do the afghan and knit quotations from her poetry into the fabric. It would be challenging to work out knitting the letters as you go but you could also knit the afghan and then embroider the words onto the fabric, using duplicate stitch or any other sewing stitch you think appropriate. --Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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This is something I think you should think about for awhile. I looked at her biography, and some of her work and she is a very interesting person. Her children's books are something I think I want to look into - I love the titles. Anyway, let the idea ripen in your head and in the mean time you can increase the depth of your knitting skills. Maybe contact her family and tell them what you want to do. There may be icons that were private to her that you could work into the design or other special symbols that they could clue you in on. This is a worthwhile project, so take your time at it.