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So during my convalescence I have been knitting up a storm whilst pumped full of prescription strength cold and flu meds. Unfortunately I had to postpone the sweater I was about to start on because my mother threw a fit at me over the phone that I haven't knitted her anything. So I sent her the link to this pattern and asked if that would be ok and she agreed. I set to work thinking this was going to take a month or so considering how many skeins I had to buy (9) and all the different things I had to do for it. Well 4 days later the bag is finished. It is a DROPS design by garnstudio. The color is Apple Green and it is knitted in pieces and then sewn together with a crochet flap. Overall I must say I think the bag turned out very well, although it did not shrink as much as the pattern said it would, I don't think that is going to be a problem. I mean, the bag is for my mom, and this is a workaholic woman here so having a large bag might not be such a bad thing. As for the felting, I felted it by hand in the bathroom sink (I live in a dorm in Germany and only have access to a front loader, and with that I have to pay 4 Euros...F-that) and I think it turned out great! Really the only problem at all I had with the bag was the crochet flap. I've only done a teensy bit of crocheting since I learned to knit so Youtube instructional videos were my helper on that one, I ended up frogging the flap twice before getting it right. Below I've posted the link to the pattern and some pictures of the bag before and after felting. Let me know what you think!


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Very nice.

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That turned out really nice. The difference in the shrinkage may have been due to hand felting versus machine felted. [You would have to really scrub and work the wool to get a very tight meshing of the fibers.] However, if it is what you want and your mom is happy, that is all that matters. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I think that the crocheted flap is the best part of the bag. O love that it is asymmetrical and just does it's own thing. Looks very hip and trendy as opposed to stodgy and stuffy.

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Thanks! Yeah the crochet flap is my favorite part too, even though it was the hardest...well, not that hard but hard for me lol. Im suprised at how well the whole bag turned out after drying and firming up. It looks especially nice in natural light!