Maryland S&W approaches...

Well, my money's in, and I'm scheduled to take the bus to Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival again. Is anyone planning to go? I've had enough yarn outlets lately (and hopefully this weekend...wink, wink, Aaron) that I don't really feel the dying urge to empty my wallet for wool. And then there's the new old car in the shop. Ugh. The nice thing is that I can spend more of my day taking in the sights and smells, the Celtic musicians, and the lovely man wearing the leather kilt. Yeah, he was a highlight last year for a number of the girls on my bus. Wait, did I say that out loud?

Anyways, I may feel more sociable that last year, and I'd love to see y'all if you guys are stopping by the fair on Saturday. Give me a holler!

I'm including a few pics from last year, just for kicks.

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Great pics, Willy. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have just as much fun this year. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Yup, hot guy in a leather kilt!

I've heard such good things about this event. I wish I didn't live so far away!

Praying that your car comes out of the shop in time tomorrow!

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Went to Carodan Farms SoXperience with my wife this weekend (we both love to knit). Several of the women there (I was the only man) raved about Maryland Sheep and Wool. Definitely won't be this year but looking into this for the future. Let us know what you attend and learn. That will let me know for sure whether I want to go.

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I, too, was the only man in my troupe of forty or so last year, and expect the same this year. I plan on going more for the experience than to learn new techniques, although you can surely do so if you choose to. A friend of mine is taking a class on knitting peasant heels or something like that. I'm not taking any classes, nor did I last year, but I still had my fiber world turned upside-down by the experience. I have to partly blame the lady behind me on the bus... she was spindle-spinning, something I'd never seen before. On the ride home, she showed me how with my new fiber and spindle. Vendors gave demonstrations on spindles to show people how, and I had a sheep farmer explain to me some of the basics of spinning wool.

If you've never been to a sheep and wool festival, I recommend making a point to visit one. There's so much besides the actual act of knitting; for instance, handmade soaps and hand creams, displays of all sorts of handiwork, and you're bound to come across something you didn't know could be done with wool. Then there's the wonderful fact that you see knitting right among all the stages of its creation, including mounds of sheep, artisans who dye and spin and build tools, etc. I went once to Maryland and once to Rhinebeck, and I thought Maryland was fairly comparable in size and variety. Perhaps not as many knitting celebrities can be found at Maryland, but it's still well worth the trip. For me, half the fun is in rubbing shoulders with the variety of people who attend. Talk about a wealth of knowledge! By the way, I don't know if kilt man is a knitter, but his wife surely is, and he doesn't seem to mind sheep in the least...look at his shirt!

I'm planning on going this year. I've never been to any of the Sheep and Wool Festivals before. From what I've read though, the New York S&WF is even bigger than Maryland? I live about halfway between both destinations, so maybe I can go to both and see. I'd like to add some more drop spindles to my collection.

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Whoo hoo! Definitely hit both, and see for yourself. Even if Maryland is smaller (and I'm having trouble judging after only one round at each), it's still got plenty to count as a rather large festival. I think I remember the MD website boasting that it is the largest...penis envy, anyone?

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Will, thanks for showing me the rest of the pictures of the hot leather kilt guy!