I can't believe today is finally Friday. This has been the most taxing week back ever. I have come home late most evenings and too tired to knit. I m hoping to work on and finish my son's slipper socks this weekend. Today should not be too bad as the kids have tests all day, Kite Day, and a trip to the High School to see the play "Charlotte's Web" this afternoon. My daughter has the spelling bee at her school this afternoon, which I am attending, so I will miss the trip to the play. I know the end of the year is always busy and stressful, but never knew it to start this soon. I will have to get a lot of rest so that I can knit away the evenings from now until school is out. Hope everyone has a great Friday (the weather here is supposed to be excellent) and a restful and knitful weekend!


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It's a three day weekend for me....

we have "spring break holiday" monday. Traditionally this was given on Good Friday. Someone complained; so instead of getting Good Friday off, they started calling it "Spring break holdiay" and continued to give us good friday off under the new name.

Someone complained again; and they moved the date. Now we are open on Good Friday, when less then 2% of our clients are open, and closed on a more or less random day when over 50% of our clients are open (some of them are also closed but less then half)

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I'm surprised to read that Good Friday isn't a holiday in such a religious country as US.

You have my sympathy...I thought I'd got everything ready for the new term (semester?), but the 4th grade teacher is unable to come in to school for the next three weeks (family business/crises etc), so in addition to my planning, I also have extra 4th grade Mathematics to's a long I hope you get some relief soon!