Two Pairs of Clogs

Hi Boys,

Here is my latest project. These were felted last Saturday and took until today (Monday here in Oz) to dry. The brown ones have turned out the better pair and the grey ones will have to have another turn at the felting process. They were inadvertently left in the washer for a full cycle including cold rinses and fast spin as we had some visitors drop in and I promptly forgot them. The full cycle seems to have no adverse effects. Anyone else done this????

They are very comfy and are great to walk in but just a bit slippery on our polished floors.


nicely done -- they both look great

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They look great! I love that yellow!

Yes, I will admit, I too have left my felting projects to go through the full cycle!  None have been harmed.

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Hi Victor. They look fantastic! I especially love the brown and yellow. Which yarn did you use?

About leaving the knitting in the washer through the full cycle. I haven't done these clogs yet (maybe soon! Laughing) But with my Entrelac Bag the instructions asked to let it go through the whole cycle once I was satisfied with the felting during the wash cycle. So, I guess it's OK to do so.