Annnnnnd I'm off!!!

Ok, so today I made the blessed pilgrimage out to the new LYS I discovered and bought 21 skeins of DROPS Eskimo yarn for my sweater. Initially, I wanted to buy a beige colour, but sadly they didnt have 21 skeins of this colour, so I had to pick another one. I ended up picking out a light/seafoam green colour, which, I know, sounds awful, but really I think it looks good (I'm an occasional sucker for pastels)! I came home, did my gauge swatch, and gave myself the green light to start. So its on, my first sweater is begun and so far I have gotten past the ribbing and about 5 inches of the main body on the front part of the sweater. Wish me luck!


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Seafoam is an unusual colour...strangely, I've discovered it's a good colour for me..I'd much prefer RED...but now that I've gotten old and my beard is no longer auburn, but grey white...softer colours are good. Although bright raspberry is also good!
I'm so glad you didn't settle for navy, grey or need more colour in their lives! (grin)

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...and hopefully the ladies were nice to you!

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Best of luck. Sounds like you're well on your way.

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Score! I'm with Bill. I love color and even though historically I've worn mostly neutrals, I've made a conscious effort to start utilizing brighter colors in my knitting. Good luck on your first sweater! I'm sure it will be lovely and can't wait to see the finished results.


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Seafoam is one of my favorite colors, I find it very calming. Good luck on the sweater, I can't wait for pictures.

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Lots of luck and have fun. I plan to eventually begin a sweater in beige and a teal/green tweed. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thank you all for your good wishes! I've discovered the seafoam looks gray when under artificial light and when it's under natural light it shows its true colour. I'm really happy with the way it's turning out so far, and like most of you said, it's much like knitting a scarf. A hell of a lot more stitches on a row though, as of right now im about 1cm away from beginning the armhole bind off on the front piece. I'm going to Prague this weekend and that is a 7 hour train ride so I should get quite a lot done! As for blocking the finished piece. Well, I come back to the states in July, so I should finish the sweater before then, but I think I'm going to wait until I get back to the states to block it and seam it together, that way I can buy proper blocking boards etc. But don't worry, Ill post pictures of the pieces on here when I finish!! At the rate I'm going im estimating a month or month and a half before it's completely done.

P.S. Bill, the lady who runs this other LYS only works on the weekends (which is why she's so happy I suppose) which, incidentally, is also the only time I can go because of my job, and she just sits there and knits socks while I pick out what I need, if I need help..or in this case 21 skeins of a specific colour, she smiles at me and is very gracious and willing to help with any questions I have, she is also very curious about what I'm making, and is always asking me questions about America. Which I think is just precious lol.