Time to Knit

Another weekend has gone by and I did not get any time to knit. Chores and life just seemed to take over. I got both heels done on my son's socks and am now working on the legs, but have only gotten 3-4 rows done. Laundry, 2 funerals, church, and a trip to look at adopting dogs ate up the week and weekend. Well maybe I will get some knitting done over the next few days. My wife and I are headed to the Outer Banks for the last 2 days of our "Response to Intervention" Training (rti). We will be there Tuesday evening through Thursday (Earth Day and our actual Anniversary of 10 years). Maybe we will both get to knit and work on some of our projects without the kids, dogs, school.... I also need to get back to exercising. I used to do that 7 days a week. I miss running and lifting weights but just feel so tired. I would love a week off just to knit and reorganize life. How many days are left until summer vacation? I think I need to count them. Well I hope this week is less tiring and full of time to knit. Maybe I should bring a bag of knitting to work and do the slim fast/smoothie thing at lunch. I think I will try that later this week. I am rambling so I shall go. Happy Knitting!