Stash Remodel

Last summer I picked up a ton of laceweight yarn on cones, one in pink and one in blue, and over 4500 yards of laceweight alpaca in grey/black. I wound it all up into manageable sized balls (joke if you will!) and let it languish in my stash, almost unused. The grey alpaca is beautiful, and I'm doing a simple lace scarf with it, but there is just SO much of the same grey that I'll get sick of looking at it after this scarf. The blue and the pink are cute, but a bit flat. And again, there is literally miles of it, and there was no way I would EVER have gone through that much. I also have a bunch of Bartlett's 2 ply Fisherman's wool that I used to make my Hemlock ring that I was just sick of moving around in my stash.

During Will's visit we had an evening of fun with food coloring, drink mixes, and kitchen spices and performed mad experiements on innocent hanks of wool. He suggested that I have fun dyeing all that excess stash and turning it into something fresh and new. So this past weekend, channeling some of that inspiring artistic energy that Will left behind from his visit, I did. I unwound all the balls into managable hanks and dipped and dunked some life into some of my excess and uninspired stash.

I still have three skeins each of the blue and pink and one of the grey/black left to play with. I will go through each individual skein now and weigh them and give them a tag with their approximate yardage. I still have the empty cones and the tags that were on the alpaca with the info I'll need. I'm working on actually finishing a few projects before I take on a new lace adventure, but I'm really looking forward to trying out something from my spiffy new stash!

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Bill's picture

Gorgeous! might think about plying some together...that's how I'm using my cone yarns...

TheKnittingMill's picture

That's exactly what I was thinking! Then you would have more options of weights to play around with. It looks like a lot of fun Aaron and you ended up with some fun, handsome results!

Don't you just love a day to dye for?


murfpapa's picture

Very interesting colors and variegations.

YarnGuy716's picture

Looks like you had a lot of fun and some really great looking results. Love the eggplanty purple and the orange/brown/pink variegated. Dyeing can become addictive, speaking as one who bought up lots of leftover Easter Egg dye kits when they were on clearance.

Bradferd's picture

I love the green color... I wish I could have a sweater in that color. One day, I will.

chipsir's picture

Those colours are just to yummy!!!!!! Great choices and so many options there.

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Overdying can be such fun! You came up with some creative colors indeed, Aaron. I look forward to seeing what you do with them. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Kerry's picture

Great results, the yarn now look more 'alive'.

TomH's picture

Wonderful colors. Good job!