KAL: saved by a personal use shaver!

Even though I was not working on the KAL boxer briefs, I did have to go out and buy a personal use shaver to trim the fuzz off of my clogs. The knitting of these was just intriguing as i tried to keep myself slavishly to the directions and was just loving what what happening on the needles.

I used Fisherman's Wool by Lion Brand Yarn in both the deep brown and their brown tweed. However, I may have left them too long in the washer or used too much detergent because the felting process turned them really fuzzy. So much so that you lost the great mottled detail from the felted tweed yarn.

For the sole, I found a can of rubberized spray at Lowes called, "Plasti-Dip." It was originally sold as a dip for hand tools to make them non slip. (here: insert all the jokes you can think regarding non-slip tools) It gives a great grip on the felt and it does not mark up my hard wood floors.

Really enjoyed knitting these. Have since finished a second pair in black and electric blue for my housekeeper. Now planning to work up some other color combinations.

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They look great! You're likely to lose some of the detail on a yarn like that just because of the felting, not necessarily the yarn you used. I have used the Lion's Brand for clogs and had to groom them too. I keep a cheap Norelco trimmer in my supplies for that purpose. I get fuzzyness from almost everything when it's felted.

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They look great and oh so comfy! Just may have to get some Plasti-Dip to have on hand.