"Alternative" project? lol

So I was continuing my sock pattern using DPN's and it was starting to get really tedious, especially after I realised that I'd have to do it all again in order to have a pair (who knew?!?). So I ripped it out, and was faced with the question; "What other extremely easy, small diameter garments could I knit for practice?!

The answer?

Willy warmer! haha! So I used my sock pattern to guage roughly how many stitches I would have to cast on (I more or less just halfed it) and started knitting in K2P2 ribbing. Turns out I underestimated it so I had to tear it all out again, but I think I'm on target this time...I should get it done tonight! Would working pictures be completely inappropriate?!? haha

My jumper is coming along super well! I'm so pleased with it so far; I feel like knitting something so large has really helped with regulating the tension of my knitting, and I find I can just sorta let my mind wander and my hands just keep on stitching! It's quite nice!

Another really sweet thing; my wee granny (who taught me to knit) was reading one of her old-lady magazines and it had a knitting pattern in it for little A-line summer dresses for children. So she ripped it out and told me to knit it for my little niece, Layla, and I'm quite excited about it. I think I'm going to use like a chocolate brown yarn, and either sky blue, or lime green ribbon! If I use blue ribbon i might make some cream stripes in the pattern. We'll see! She's going to be the best dressed 2 year old in nursery! lol

Anyway, I'm still knitting the scarfs...IHATEBOUCLEYARN!!!!!! Cabling is fun thought! :-)


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Great idea! I'm in the midst of a pair of socks right now, and they're giving me fits (on top of the fact that my available knitting time is down to about zero right now). I don't think I can frog them and make willy warmers, though. They're for my sister. ;)

Working pictures would not only be appropirate, I believe they're mandatory. And of course you also have to model it for us when you're done.

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I vote for the cream as a mediator between the chocolate and blue. Sounds like a fun project- please post pics when you're done!

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The world is divided into two types of knitters sock makers and non-sock makers. I am a sock maker but the idea of knitting an entire jumper is just too tedious for me to contemplate. I think it's interesting what we as knitters find tedious.

Our bedroom is in chocolate brown and a sort of sharkskin blue - it's a lovely combination.

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Now that's very interesting. I've always been taught that the world is divided into double knitters and non-double knitters. Wonder if I could double knit a pair of socks. Double knitting is fast becoming my "comfort food" of knitting. It just yields such a phat phabric.

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Tom, you do know that you can knit one sock inside the other at the same time...right?
...that should be right up your alley!

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Thanks, Bill. Right up my alley and a whole new avenue at the same time! Thanks!

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Just have fun with your knitting. And don't rush socks...when the time comes to knit a pair, you'll know it. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.