So I have been wanting to make this really cute ear flap hat...I get it, perhaps a little to ambitious for my firstknitting in the round project!  But I have now trashed two tries for coming out twisted...and the third is twisted yet again.  I would hate to have to abort this attempt as well!  I decided (perhaps later that I should have) to come to the source of all wisdom and see if there was anything that could be done...?  Can I salvage this twisted hat? least I have a half finished scarf to dejectedly work on.


I've never done this myself, but I've read about making two vertical rows of machine stitching, cutting between them and seaming the work back together after untwisting it.  After that you would just continue knitting as if nothing had happened.

The only way I know to avoid twists is to check it, check it again, knit a couple of stitches to join the ends and then check it again before knitting any further.  Don't rely on sight alone; run your fingers all the way around the needle and be sure the cast-on edge faces the same way all the way around.  Kind of like the carpenter's rule to measure twice and cut once. spelling is quite attrocious, especially when I am emotional.  Error corrected!  haha

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If you decide to start the hat one more time, you might want to knit a couple of rows flat before you make the join.  Then, when you go to make the join, it's MUCH easier to see if you've got anything twisted.  This is especially helpful if you're starting a project with a small number of stitches or small needles and yarn (it's helpful for me, anyway).

You'll have a very tiny seam to sew up.  If you've got a tail left from the cast-on, you can even use that to sew up the seam.

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As zZigzZag has said, the only thing to do is check and check and check to make sure you don't twist your cast on row.  With a short row, that is fairly easy, but with 200+ stitches, it is easy to make a twist.  But you just have to really be careful.

However, I do agree with JPaul about knitting a flat piece BEFORE joining your knitting.  I've done this many times myself, and don't think of it as cheating.  It is something that I had to do so I can get on with the knitting.  Yes, you will eventually be able to join right on the first round, but don't be afraid to use other methods.  It's the final product that matters, not how you get there!

For your first (or 3rd or 5th) project in the round, knit 3 or 5 rows and then you will be able to join the knitting much easier.  There is a short seam, but that is only 2-3 rows, and you can hide it somewhere that is not seen, and it all works out.  It will certainly keep your sanity!! 

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Another similar method:

use waste yarn to cast on and knit a few rows before switching to your project yarn and joining. You need to leave a long enough tail to cast off the beginning after removing the waste yarn, but it does give you those first couple rows to check stitch count as well!!!

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It took me over 15 attempts on DPNs to finally join without twisting.  Then once I got it, it seemed so easy and straightforward that I couldn't believe it.  Of course, had I asked all the sages here for advice, I could have saved myself a lot of grief by following the suggestion to just knit back and forth a few rows!  Good luck!