Anyone ever done the Sock Wars?

Has anyone here ever participated in the Sock Wars? 

I'm tempted as I've done socks before but I'm nervous about getting a pattern that could get me "killed".  I have good reason to fear this.  The last pair of socks I made involved a pattern where it took me six (6) attempts to start the first one (the 6th attempt being one of my knitting teachers).  I started the second successfully by myself.  I can see myself getting something with 3 or 4 colors or a toe-up construction, which I've never done.

Any thoughts?

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I've thought about doing the sock war thing, too, but just don't have the time to spare right now.  But let me tell you, the 2nd pair of socks is easier to knit than the first!

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i have yet to actually finish an entire sock, but i have completed each component of a sock at least 17 different times (yeah, I'm ADD.)  That being said, I went ahead and signed up anyway.  Wink  What better inspiration to finish an entire sock?  I don't imagine it will be anything too difficult with the whole time line thing and also she mentions it being modifiable... I'm going to try to make a little self-challenge out of it and try a different sock-knitting technique with each round; toe up, magic loop (started never finished) and 2 circulars (started, hated it and switched to DPNs.)  If you do decide to join in, have fun with it!!! (and p.s. don't kill me. Laughing)

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There are quite a few new knitters signing up, it appears, and yarnmonkey has promised a pattern that will be suitable for beginners, so I wouldn't worry. Most of us are destined to die before it's over anyway. Wink

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And really, what's the worst thing that could happen?  You get a free pair of socks that you didn't have to knit, and you have to send your unfinished socks on to someone else. :)