So my aunt's birthday was this past week. At her party she saw me knitting this dishcloth and admired it greatly. Since I have no more room in the drawer at home for these, I am going to take it to her today while I take an afternoon walk. I hope it will bring her many washings of clean dishes. It is almost too pretty to use. It is an eyelet faux cable (created by passing a slipped stitch over 2 knit stitches). Very easy pattern found at the dishcloth boutique. Here is the link:

pattern is on page 4 (thanks WillyG)

Check it out if you like a quick and portable project.

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That is definitely a pretty dishcloth. I'm going to have to check that one out. Great work, Russell!

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Hey, I like that one! It's pretty, and it looks like a decent dish-scrubbing texture. Thanks for sharing! Although my family has proven to not care much for knitted gifts, my dad recently came out and told me he's come to favor the dishcloth I had given them a while back. He said it had a nicer feel than the other dishcloths they have. Well, if that's a knitted thing he likes, he's getting more! And all the more fun for it being so accessible to make!

edit: Looks like the pattern is on Page 4 of the site.

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Sorry, I just posted the main page because there are so many lovely ones here. Thanks for the edit.

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My Mom knits dishclothes to help keep her hands and shoulder supple. She has been surprised that all the sibs WANT them.....

She just does the basic dishcloth; she donated some to a church faire once, but decided not to do that again aFTER they priced them for less then the yarn cost her.

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Very nice pattern and knitting. I like dishcloths as a portable time filler. They are good travel projects and make great gifts. I also use mine at bath time...they exfoliate the skin as you wash and aren't as scratchy as loofahs, in my opinion. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.