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I am sharing on of my newest designs with you guys. WHile there is isnpiration I have to write them. This is done on size 11 us, 8mm and with Lionbrand Fisherman's wool. Somebody asked me what does this make it a man's shawl and I will have to say that is my vision of a man's shawl. A woman may wear this shawl without hesitation, but I know it is made with men in mind.

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its gorgeous! I don't normally knit lace but I might try something like this... I hope you'll bring it to the retreat for show and tell?

I also love that you're reading Star Trek! :) - made me smile... we all love, you Andy!!!


Tom Hart's picture

Bravo, maestro!

Andy that is very striking on you! I love it. Very classy


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Felicidades Andy!!! It's beautiful! I can't wait to cast on...for WIP #12! I really need to learn to knit while I sleep.


Enhorabuena guapo!

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Very nice - like the pattern gauge!


MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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You do such beautiful work. It's a great design. I've added it to my queue on Ravelry.


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Thank You ALL, is A very Quick Knit!

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Your shawl is beautiful!!!
I've not knit lace, but, this may inspire me to try my hand at it.
Thank you for sharing it with us.

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Ooooh... Definitely going in my Queue... It's BEAUTIFUL!

I've got just the yarn I want o use in my stash, too! Can't wait!

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Andy, I love it. I've had some Cascade Eco in my stash forever and this is the perfect project for it.

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I love it Andy!

I think we all need to knit more stoles & shawls.

Hopefully, I can get some on the needles and catch up with you :)


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I agree with you, We men don't get enough attention in our shawls and you learn so much making one.