OMG - P2tog-tbl!!!!

I started a pair of socks that is riddled with pearl two together through back loop. I'm working on size 0s with Jojoland Melody which is kind of slickery anyway and not the easiest yarn to work with. I've had no problem with pearling through the back loop in the past but pearling two together through the back of a loop is virtually impossible for me. It's more like a contortionism then knitting. I just gave up. But I really like these socks and I'm wondering if there might be a subsititute stitch that I could use that wouldn't look that different. Any ideas?


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I've used a crochet hook that is the same size as my needle size to create the stitch and then place it on my active needle. I find this works well enough whenever I can't get my stitches into some tight contortionist movement due to gauge.

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I know of 2 different methods depending on which way you need the decrease to lean. On the front of the work, if you want the decrease to lean left do this:

Purl one stitch as normal and slip it back to the left needle tip to tip (or as if to purl). Pass the second stitch on the left needle over the first stitch (just as if you were doing a bind off). Slip the stitch you purled back to the right needle, again as if to purl, and continue on in pattern.

If you want the decrease to lean right on the front of the work, do this:

Place the right needle in the back of the loop on the first stitch on the left needle and slip it to the right tip without working it. Do the same with the next stitch. Slip both stitches back to the left needle and purl the 2 together as normal. (This reverses the stitch mount which is what you do by purling through the back loop anyway, you just don't have to fiddle with the back loops.)

Hope this helps!


Hi! I'm new here, but have been knitting for 20 years. Thought I'd chip in!

When needing to P2togTBL I do this:

Slip both stirches purlwise, slip them back both at once, twisting them as you go (sort of mirror image knitwise). Now purl together through front loop! It's more or less an SSK backwards.

If you slip an twist one by one, it looks a bit different on the right side - which is sometimes preferable.

Hope that helps!


If all else fails, read the manual.