The first pancake...

...always has bubbles, as my friend's Russian colleague Yelena points out every time there are teething problems.

So after a week and a half with some kind of foul chest infection (why can't I get ill in the winter like everyone else?) I've finally finished the upper of the first clog.  And it's enormous, around 30% bigger than my foot.  Maybe I can get it to shrink that much; if not I need to find a friend with very large feet and thick ankles.  Of course, it's a basic translation error which if I hadn't been so enthusiastic and read the pattern properly, I could have avoided: US size 9 definitely does not equal 9mm. 

I guess I'm going to have some fun felting.



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At 30% bigger, you may be just about right. If it doesn't come out small enough on the first go, try putting it through another wash cycle (hot) and through the dryer. I've found doing a test swatch and felting that to be useful in projects where I didn't know how much shrinkage to expect, but 30% is usually a fairly safe bet.

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OK, maybe I'm being a bit pessimistic - felting virgin nerves?  Thanks for the encouragement.


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General rule of thujmb for felting is 30% srinkage, so it looks like you are right in the ballpark.

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I wear a size 9 also, and am amazed at the HUGE clown size the first clog is.  But, I am trusting everyone here that it will shrink to fit.  I had a problem near the end of the first clog and had my LYS owner/guru help me.  She has done a lot of felting and has also assured me that the size is fine, and it WILL shrink!