What to do with this yarn...

Hey Guys, (and Gurls!)

So, i recently came across a 10 Ball bag of Queensland Uruguay Chunky in a nice mellow Wheat color. It's a bulky weight, Wool- Baby Alpaca-Silk (70-20-10) blend. I'm seriously considering buying it, but I'd really hate for me to buy another bag of yarn and not know what to do with it (Especially since it would be breaking my New Year's Resolution of not buying yarn without having a specific project in mind for it).

So... I post it to you awesome and creative people... what can I do with Roughly 700 yards of bulky yarn!?

I'm definitely thinking of making a vest... but I can't seem to find a pattern that really calls to me

Let me know if you have any ideas... I have the bag on hold (Thank goodness I'm friends with the owner!) --- I'm starting to feel this is a veiled attempt at me saying... convince me to buy it anyways!


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a sleeveless hoodie...

2nd that.