Pebble Stitch anybody?

I'm working on the Stitch Sampler Scarf by Ann Norling, and it contains some directions I can't parse for pebble stitch.
Row 1 K
Row 2 P
Row 3 K2 together across row.(These are all OK. I understand what to do.)
Row 4 K1, *pick up loop before next stitch and K it, K1*.

Exactly which loop are we talking about here? There's no obvious loop. I tried picking up the strand before the next stitch, but that doesn't seem to result in anything like a pebble.

Anybody actually done this, and know what the h*** she's talking about?


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It's just a plain Make 1 (M1) increase. With your left needle, pick up the strand between the stitch you just knit, and the next stitch from front to back, then knit through the back leg of this new stitch. The farther you get along with the fabric, the K2togs, and M1K1's begin to form these little ovals that look like pebbles.

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OK. Thanks. One more instance of be a little bit patient and things will work out.