Update on the tie

I'm still working on my knit tie.  It's 16" now (40" to go).  The novelty of watching the pattern emerge from the self-striping yarn is gone, but has been replaced by tracking the length by counting the repeats in the pattern.  I've figured out exactly how much each repeat in the pattern adds to the length and I check the measurement at the end of each one.  So far, it's dead on...2.25"  I've got about 4 inches to go before I work my decreases and start on the skinny end.  It's long enough that I was able to tie a modified half-windsor and get some idea of what it will look like when it's actually tied.  Very cool.  I've been taking my time with it, carrying it around in my brief case and working on it in waiting rooms and on my lunch break.  Now, I'm anxious to get it finished and actaully wear it to work.  I'm going to pick up the pace and try to do 3-4 inches every night.

I was using Crystal Palace bamboo needles, but have switched to metal.  I love the aesthetics of bamboo.  Warm to the touch, not to mention just plain classy, but dead slow with the yarn I'm using.  The aluminum needles are much quicker.  I'm hoping to have it done by the end of the month.  I've got a red silk blend picked out for my next tie.  I was hoping to finish it in time for my brother's birthday in February.  At this rate, though, it will end up being a Christmas present.


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I've decided that I'm going to start making Christmas presents now. Not sure what to make for everyone at the moment, so I'm going to knit things that look like they'll be fun to knit and decide later who gets what.