Yarn Shop Visit and NorOHHH!

Our visit last Thursday to the yarn shop was a success! I think everyone left with something to start a new project. Sadly my visit was cut short as I had to leave to go home and check on my 4 1/2 year old son who had stuck a rock in his ear. (We visited his pediatrician the next day and it was easily removed). I have included a picture of my first ever skein of Noro. I normally do not pay $18.00 for 1 skein of yarn, but a friend had given me a gift certificate because I had found her wallet (very long story). I contemplated several different types of yarn but kept coming back to the Noro in the bright almost neon colors. I began the feather and fan scarf and was not sure about working with the yarn due to its texture and slightly uneven body (is that the right word?). My wife assures me it is gorgeous and I think she wants the scarf when I am finished. (She keeps saying how great it will look on her. Many projects were oogled and contemplated by our group as they chose their yarns. I am anxious to go back as I left some books at the shop that were given to me by a member. I am already looking at a trip once the weather cools down in September or October to a local Alpaca farm. (Anybody been to one?) Well lunch is almost over so I should go, Happy Knitting!

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Scarf looks great. You should remind your son, tho, that as the musical "The Fantasticks" reminds us; he's suppossed to put BEANS in his ears, not stones.

Why did the kids put beans in their ears?

No one can hear with beans in their ears.

After a while the reason appears.

They did it cause we said no.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Noro make the most delicious yarns, others have tried to copy their colour ways but no one in my estimation has even come close. Hope you find your books and that your son has learned a very good lesson :-)

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Wait until you find your first piece of twig!
But you have to admit that the Noro colors will keep you looking at your knitting and admiring the changes.
Don't worry about the texture now, thick/thin changes and the scratchy rough feeling of it. it will bloom and soften greatly after you finish and bathe it in soapy warm water. I suggest a longer bath than you normally would or a repeat batch.
Have fun!

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Sometime you should allow yourself the treat of knitting a top down seamless raglan for yourself with Noro. Even though its all stockinette, you never get bored watching the colors change, and guessing what will come next.


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They sell Noro at the LYS I go to just down the street…still though, like 8 euros a skein…I’ll stick with my DROPS yarn lol. It’s really pretty though, I do love looking at Noro wishing I could buy some haha.