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Just wanted to take a few minutes and post pics of my projects that I finished.

First is a felted tote I gave to my mom for Mother's Day. She squealed, I felt like a good son.

Following that is a smaller version of my knitting bag. Its actually the size the pattern in the book makes, mine was enlarged from 72 stitches around to 104. This bag will be donated to a fundraiser being held for a friend just diagnosed with breast cancer, hope it raises good money.

For my next project I'm going to attempt socks. My niece mentioned that she would like sock for her birthday, so I figured I'd knit her a pair. I'm going to try Circle Socks by Anne Campbell listed on Ravelry, using Berroco Sox in pink, orange and red.

Thanks to everyone for you warm welcome, such a great community here.

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Bill's picture

Those are BEAUTIFULLY done!

chipsir's picture

These are really good and yes you are a very good son, friend and Uncle, kudo's to you.

blatt4u's picture

Those are really cool! great job!

Kerry's picture

Great looking bags.

JDM511's picture

I love the bags. Where is the pattern located?

JDM511's picture

I love the bags. Where is the pattern located?

bellton's picture

Pattern is in Knit one Below by Elise Duvekot - it called Bottoms Up! due to the swirl on the bottom of the bag.

IamKnitGuy's picture

I love the swirl on the bottom. It's such a great detail!

TomH's picture

You are a very good son! Great bags!

TheKnittingMill's picture

Great bags Tony! Kudos!