Stretchy bind off

I am just finishing up a sweater project where the directions call for a super stretchy bind off for the openings, the cuffs of the sleeves and the collar. The directions were a little unclear to me, so I went to youtube to see if there was a video tutorial for this type of bind off. I found this bind off and think it is great. Whenever I make socks, I have trouble with the bind off of the top being tight on my legs, especially if the socks are a little higher that ankle height. I am enclosing the link, in case others want to see this bind off and finishing technique. I am certainly going to use it.


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Hey Henry,

That bind off is awesome! It's the only one I use on toe up socks. Jenny Staiman also has a stretchy cast on that matches it on her website. Be sure to check it out.

BTW...I was just admiring your beautiful chi's and wanted to let you know I have a fair isle/intarsia chihuahua chart I just uploaded to my website under "Free Patterns."

It's also on my Ravelry Profile (Millard)

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Good catch, Mill! That is also known as "Jeny's Super Stretchy Bind-Off". I learned about it in Cat Bordhi's "Personal Footprints". BTW, that is a WHOLE different approach to socks, amazingly easy and fun. Toe up, no gusset, no heel flap. Check out the personal footprints videos on youtube.