EZ Saddle Shoulder questions.

I have cast on the EZ saddle shoulder sweater from Knitting Without Tears. I frogged the sleeve once already. I have a question for anyone who has made this: (My caveat being my last EZ project (Super Hurry up sweater) wound up like 3 sizes too big and I call it my polar bear sweater cuz thats what i look like When wearing it (goes down to my knees, shoulders to the middle of my arm, this from using measurements of my favorite sweater.....) but super warm for playing in the snow (makes an awesome middle layer.....)

The sleeves seem too roomy using the percentages given, i think I would be more comfortable with less looseness. If I reduce the number of stitches in the sleeve will it mess the rest of the sweater up (percentage wise). Will it be easy to adjust. if I make my sleeves to match my favortie sweater they go from 8 inches to 20 inches (36 to 80 stitches) but the instructions call for me to increase until 66 to join to the nody but unsure of how a different number would work) comments appreciated some pictures and notes over on my ravelry site as well.


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I haven't made her saddle shoulder sweater, I did one of my own last summer, but the saddle was joined differently than EZ's. You can look at my old posts for all the trauma I went through with the shoulders. But I digress...

If you are looking to have 80 stitches at the top rather than the suggested 66, you'd only be adding on 12 additional stitches. It will depend on how many rows you have on the front and back plus the width of the saddle and the stitches allotted for the underarm. My sense is that you could always add 2 more stitches to the width of the saddle, between 2 and 4 to the width of the underarm and then distribute the remaining stitches evenly between the front and back. Doing that will likely change the frequency of how many rows you have between joining your stitches to the front and back, but it should still work unless you're using a really bulky yarn and don't have many rows.

One question I have though is that you say you want the sleeves less roomy and the instructions are telling you to join at 66 stitches, but your favorite sweater dimensions would require 80 stitches? I'm not sure if I'm mis-reading something or not.

Keep in mind though that the %'s are not a hard and fast rule, they are just a guideline. Ultimately, the sweater needs to fit the wearer, so I'd go by the measurements of your sweater you are using for measurements and adjust the stitches from the % system accordingly.

Hope that helps.

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I know this seems obvious, but, did you do a gauge swatch? AND was it in the round? If you still have your sleeve, use it as your swatch and make sure you are matching exactly what you need or it will never fit ;).

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just ran across some nice diagrams for seams...