Must have!!!

'nuff said.

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That's awesome. And now on my wish list.

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They are beautiful. I am getting one in the bright blue. Are you going to knit something to celebrate her l00th birthday? I know you knit a lot of her things.

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I'm thinking about making a Bog Jacket.

It was the very first EZ design that I ever knit. I discovered "Knitting Around" when I was living in Cleveland, Ohio, about a dozen years ago.

I'd been knitting for years, since I was kid, and had been knitting some of the same things over and over and over again. I finally went looking for some new material to what I'd been knitting at the time so off to the library, I trotted, and simply typed into the electronic card catalogue some vague search terms for simple and easy sweaters to knit. So many results came up, so, instead of just looking for one book or the other, I just took myself to that section and just browsed the shelf and found "Knitting Around" and subsequently the Bog Jacket.

My love affair began and so did my collection.

So, it's meaningful at least to me.


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Maybe we should organize ourselves and start a gallery of projects that acknowledge the anniversary of her birth. Or have a BSJ knitalong??

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Oh, I was thinking of one for just us here for MWK, but, I've opened one up on Facebook and then told the Zimmermann group over on Ravelry.

I've decided to call it "Unventions"



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"Unventions" is perfect!!!

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Which of course also leaves it open to various projects that are unvented from an EZ start -

Any pi shawl.....for example

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation