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was thinking for my next project a zippered vest. i wanted to knit in the round and steek for the zipper. does anyone have suggestions on steeking or know of a good tutorial?


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Check out Let's Knit Together's episode on Steeking... I keep track of their podcasts through itunes, but you can also just watch it off the web. I keep the ones that have really good techniques and how-to's

the address for the episode is as follows:

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Depending on the wool you are going to use, you might just cut the steek. For example, when I do Fair Isle, I use wool from the Shetland Isles and I just cut the steek without securing anything. If you can get your hands on a Schoolhouse Press - "Sweaters from Camp", you will learn everything you ever need to know about steeking. The information you need is in the prologue of the book.

There is an excellent tutorial on brooklyn tweeds blog.

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Phillip, also check out the TechKnitters blog @ &

Eunny is the editor of Interweave Knits mag and VERY thoroughly covers steeking! Personally, I use the crochet reinforced steek most often, but if I'm working on smooth/slick fiber, synthetic yarn or superwash wool, I either hand sew a reinforcement or machine stitch it (Bill gave me the great tip of sandwiching the knit between two pieces of tissue paper for machine sewing and it works beautifully--Thanks Bill). I've not yet done a fair isle in shetland, but when I do I'll probably forgo the reinforcement all together as Ron does.

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I used Alice Starmore's description in "Fisherman's Sweaters" to steek armholes in a sweater I made last year. The same theory could be applied to a front for a zipper though.