Good online source for Addi Turbos

I've gotten it in my head that I need to buy a couple pair of Addi Turbos for some things I'm working on. The LYS here that I've been to doesn't carry them and the other one in town is way overpriced. The bamboo circs I bought, unfortunately, are just too grabby and I spend more time adjusting the yarn around the damn things than knitting. I've got circulars that go down to a 17" length, but frankly that's 2 inches too long (insert bawdy comment here).

So I'm wondering if any of you have a found a good online source (meaning a decent price) for Addi Turbo circulars.



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I got some for a very good price on ebay...but don't remember the vendor... ...but she had lots of sizes... do an ebay search for addi turbo...

Thanks for the suggestion, Bill. I've been looking for the past few days on eBay but the sizes I need aren't there. I had a couple bids in a few weeks ago for some but got swooped at the last minute. :) That was before I found out about stuff like AuctionSniper.

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consider the new Knit Piks needles... They're very similar...a bit lighter, but beautiful...saw a set of them a few days ago and have ordered everything...

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Okay, I'm not certain where I read it, but I know that within the past month I read a blog entry about the KnitPicks needles where they were weighed along with comparably-sized Addi turbos and the KnitPicks needles were actually significantly heavier. If I can track that down, I'll definitely pass it on.

I've bought almost all my Addis on eBay, but I've just gone for the "Buy It Now" option. I don't care to agonize over whether or not I'll win, and paying a little bit more is worth getting what I want. I've still gotten all of them for much less than I'd pay at full retail. I don't believe the circs come in smaller than 16", but below that it's too rough on the wrists and dpn's are better. 


p.s., It was Grumperina who did the review

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I did consider the KnitPicks needles, both the new Options and their Classic circulars. Unfortunately, from what I can find, the Options don't go below a 24" length and the Classics only range from 0-3 or so in the 16" length. Am I missing something on their web site?

The weight issue doesn't really bother me, but I say that having only used bamboo and the aluminum Boye needles, both circular and straight. So I don't have much of a gauge in the weight arena.

I'll check again on eBay and see what I can find. I'm not really looking for an incredibly cheap source, tho that would be nice. I just don't want to pay the $19-20 the fru fru, high end yarn store here is selling them for. 

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check out Jeff's Store on Ebay AWESOME prices, cheap shipping, and he has TONS of sizes.  Ships from Hong Kong, so takes about a week, but well worth it for those prices!  I've ordered at least 6 sets from him, perfect every time!  Laughing

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Holy crap! This is exactly what I was looking for. I'm not sure why his store didn't show up on my previous searches.

Sean, you are my new hero! 

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yay!  i'm so glad!  i forgot to tell my favorite part.  since he is in the UK and they ship from Hong Kong, you get different packaging sometimes.  They are all the same as what we know here in the US, they are just packaged slightly differently in other countries (i.e. addi premium in the UK) but I have ones entirely in German too. Also, the ones from other countries have the little gauge hole thingie in them.  these things just tickle me for no apparent reason, had to share that.  Wink

Just remember to save the packaging, they're guaranteed forever no matter where you get them!  Happy addi shopping!  Laughing

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They are guaranteed for life BUT don't think that the guarantee will be so easy to use. ALL Addi needles sold in the US are distributed by Skacel. As shop owners, we have been told that Skacel will only honor needles returned in Skacel packaging. So if you take your Ebay needles to a US shop and want them guaranteed, it wont happen. You will have to deal with someone on Ebay and I'm betting that will be fun. Remember, sometimes you get what you pay for. Sorry to sound like such an a$$ but as a shop owner that is barely scraping know the rest.

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bawdy comment?  whatever could you mean?  ;) 

sorry, couldn't resist.



heheh... I was born on a Wednesday, but I wasn't born yesterday.

I know my audience. :) 

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But why do you need all those lengths of circs?  Don't you know that you only need one length for ALL of your work?  Yup, just need one needle in every size... and you are all set! 

Well, okay, sometimes I need TWO needles -- hehee