I LOVE to knit socks!

OK, after outfitting my family (wife and three kids), I'm just finishing up my 5th pair of socks in the about the past month. This pair is for me :) My current heel of choice is the peasant, or afterthought heel, although I think it's far from an afterthought because it requires a fair amount of forethought. Anyway, I have mastered it and even have my own tricks for avoiding holes in the sides. This pair of socks is knit with #6 needles from Lamb's Pride worsted superwash, which I've enjoyed using. It's rather bulky, so these will be quite toasty and probably won't be worn much until next fall and winter. I plan to move onto some more everyday socks with lighter yarn soon, and maybe I'll try the heel with the gusset (although I like how this one looks better).


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There are very many different ways to put in heels on socks, and you can do them cuff down or toe up. Each has a special feel, and you can do them any way you like. If you like these heels, then continue. They work just as well on finer yarns.

You can just knit tube socks. You don't need to worry about where to "plan" for the heel -- just knit them as tubes. Then, when you try them on, where they "breaK" at the ankle -- you know, that spot where your foot changes to the leg right at the top of the foot -- you mark it, and put the heel on the other side. Along that same row, you would cut one stitch -- just one! -- pull the yarn out along that half a row, and continue as the true after-thought heel. So you don't need to worry about sizing, or where to put the heel -- you can truly do it after.

Socks are so much fun to knit. And you will make friends forever when you knit them a pair of socks!

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These are awesome Pat! I like the colors and they look super comfortable and cozy. I LOVE knitting socks! I'm glad you finally made a pair for yourself!

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Remember San Francisco is COLD at night...you might need them when you visit...

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I won't forget!

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Very nice socks, Patrick. I'm so glad you enjoy knitting them. As I've shared before, they are a great travel project. Plus, as Tallguy said, you give a pair to someone and they love you forever. [And pester you for more.] -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.