New Facebook Group

...called "Unventions"

The idea was tossed around on other groups as well as this one., I decided to open up a place where people could very freely upload pictures of their Elizabeth Zimmermann stuff -- a "gallery" as ronhuber suggested.

So, in the centennial year since her birth and seeing as she's impacted the knitting world so strongly I figured it was about time for a coming together of everyone to show what she's inspired.

The underlying idea under her own coined term "unvent" was to take a design that was given and make it your own. She opened the door for absolute creativity and the rest of the world flew with it.

I'm SO happy that Meg decided to continue on, too. If it wasn't for her, perhaps, we might not have been so lucky -- and future generations of knitters might cock their heads sideways and ask "Elizabeth who?"

Besides...EZ stood for more than just's just that her knitting was her instrument for everything else. She was a living example of peace and prosperity with no worries and living a life free of despair even through the (what we would call) hardships that her family eventually faced, which ended up not being hardships at all. So, not only did she give us her knitting designs and tell us to make them our own, she also wrote between the lines about life, itself, and then told us to make it our own, just the same.

So, if you're on FB, go ahead and join and upload some pictures. Let's see where this can go.



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I hope to participate in her hundredth anniversary, but I don't do facebook...

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Perhaps we can create a new album in our own gallery as well...called by the same name...


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I joined...unventions.

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Joined! Thanks Robert - great idea.

Jonathan in DC

Think less, enjoy it more.

Think less, enjoy it more.