I need eye mask pattern

I need a couple of eye mask patterns. One for a guy the other for a girl. I have not been successful in finding too many to choose from. Perhaps knitted fabric doesn't block out enough light... Anybody have an eye mask pattern they would care to reccomend?


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Here's a nice one for a guy (or the right girl).

There are more on Ravelry if you click on "patterns" and then type in "eye mask".

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Do you mean sleeping masks, or the kind of masks that you wear to a masquerade? I tried the ravelry search, and both popped up, with a decent number of hits.

Edit: If you knit worsted yarn at a tight gauge, blocking light shouldn't be a problem. You could design one! :)

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double knit it slightly oversized and then felt it. light getting through won't be a problem.

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Did you look at the patterns on Ravelry? Here's a link to a knit pattern search I did for eye mask.


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-- Why live and let live when we can live and help live?

I did. Did not find anything I liked.