Have completely fallen in love with this yarn. Am doing a scarf with it right now. I love the color progressions, but tell me this is it scratchy? it seems garments would be scratchy?? Am I making a beatifully colored sandpaper Scarf?


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Others have probably told you already, but Noro wool generally gets softer with washings and use, though it is definitely not the softest yarn known. People who love Noro color progressions put up with the occasional knot or two, pieces of straw, and a little prickliness.


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Sounds like my handspun. Especially with Wyoming range fleeces, rather than spinning flock wool. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I have knitted a sweater out of noro kureyon... and it's comfy and wonderful

I also have made lots of things out of noro silk garden (equally yummy) - so my vote is LOVE it!

(if you're using the kureyon or any other kind of wool single ply yarn like this, you can just tear 1/2 of each end of the yarns about 2" back, and wet them then overlap and rub them together - it "felts and makes a seamless join!)



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I wonder what breeds of sheep the wool comes from- are there sheep in Japan, or do they import the wool?

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I'm in the middle of making a mantle runner out of Noro Retro, and it's about as much fun to knit with as baling wire. When I'm through with the runner, I'll be through with Noro. Some of their color progressions are the most beautiful around, but, IMHO, not worth putting up with the rough feel, knots, uneven spinning etc.

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I do like Noro SIlk garden , but any of the Noro Kureyon and sock yarn are harsh, and lots of vegetable matter in them. I like SIlk Garden and will continue using it, but the regular Noro SOck yarn unless it gets softer or blended with silk is just not worth your $$$$$ money in my opinion. Other brands are coming along with Noro like colorways with better softer yarn.
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I love Noro Silk Garden, the color progressions are lovely and interesting but I like to use it sparingly so as to keep it special. I've never been attacted to Noro sock yarn, don't really know why - I think I like the more subtle color waves of Jojoland for socks.