Knitting passes security...thanks all

We just got back from our trip to Europe. I was a bit worried about getting my knitting through security, since they took it away from me in Guatemala, in January. But thanks to all your advice, I made it OK. I used bamboo needles and also had a yarn needle, loaded with yarn, in case I had to take the knitting off the needles and let them keep the needles.I made it out of Atlanta with no problem. Then we flew from Amsterdam to Marseilles and again, no problem. My real worry was coming home from Amsterdam. I figured they would be the toughest, but no problem at all. I was able to get 25 inches of one curtain panel finished on the planes and in the terminals. Again thanks for all the helpful tips on passing security.


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For my trip in June, I've printed the page from the TSA website about knitting needles and plan to keep it with my needles/project. Wish me luck!

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That's a good tip about the TSA web site, which does specifically allow knitting needles. Of course an airline can have stricter rules than the TSA and way too much depends on the mood of the screener, but it wouldn't hurt to have that as ammunition anyway.

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