Dutch and My First Attempt at Spinning

This is Dutch and is our newest family member. Now that all of his sibs have gone off, he has definitely become the center of attention in the house. He is huge for being just ten weeks old. He can go up and down the stairs, eat out of the adult food dishes (they are raised) and lift his leg when he pees. We are so proud of him.

This is also our latest addition to the house.
I'm scheduled to take a class starting the first of June. However, being the instant gratification person that I am, I bought the "How To" disc and went to town last night. OMG! It wasn't a pretty sight. Over twisted fiber curling up all over the place. Bits of roving stuck to me and the dog (Toni is white; so, at least the roving blended in). This is definitely one of those practiced things. I will persevere until I have mastered it.

Dutch is very interested in the spinning wheel. I think he would really like to use it as a giant play toy. So, when not in use, the wheel is stored in the garage.


Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Real beauties, Buck. Can't blame you for storing the wheel in the garage...it would be a pity if Dutch decided it would make a great chew toy. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

he has such a sweet face!!!

Bill's picture

Could you just slipcover the wheel?
..having to get it from the garage each time means you'll rarely use it...
...and Dutch is smart...can you train him to not chew it?