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anybody know how many members there on on this site or know where to find that number


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Steve, right under where you enter a message for the "Shout Box" it says, "There are 3508 registered users." What I'm curious about is how many guys in this group live in California. Or more specifically how many guys in the "Men's Knitting Retreat" group on Ravelry live in California. As I read the comments (on Ravelry) coming out of the retreat going on right now in New York as well as the messages from guys planning to go to the retreat in Seattle in September, I can't help but feel that there's got to be enough guys in this state who'd be into a retreat here in California. There's got to be some place between Crescent City and San Diego that everyone could agree on. (Perhaps in January or February when rates are likely to be lower.)

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yes, i agree re california retreat. i even think the northerners would like to come down into the warmth in the winter. i did try to direct it to malibu camp one year, but it didn't work out for some reason.

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there are a ton of camps in the sierra nevadas that would rent out to a small private group for a weekend. just a thought. ;)

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So how do you go about finding them and checking them out? The Sierras sound good!

i would just do a google search for private camps and conferance centers in the sierras. They're out there. :)

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Did it, Nick. I typed in "private camps and conference centers in the sierras" and you're right: there are a ton!

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Great! Delighted you're putting a retreat together!!! (grin)

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A California retreat sounds awesome... I'd be in :)

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Today, it says: "There are 3508 registered users." I have to assume that is accurate. However, we all know there are many that are no longer active. They only sign in once to take all the free stuff they can (or are bots of some kind) and then never return. There is only a relatively small core of very active and dedicated members here... the rest are just stuffing! LOL Perhaps it's time to form smaller local chapters so that the guys can meet up from time to time. Sort of regular "retreats" similar to what we now have, but on a local basis, or like some of the coffee/knitting nights some cities have. I don't think there are any members around here, other than Joanne (and she is nice).

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Hooray! A California mid-winter retreat would be great: lower rates, warm sunshine for frozen or drenched Northerners, and non-competition with existing retreats. I'm definitely willing to help make this happen.
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