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Hey Guys,

Need help.  I am working on this Debbie Bliss sweater and I'm on an increase row.  However the increases are done along a purl row and are leaving holes that look like crap.  What the heck am I doing wrong???  I'm off to unknit that row....


What kind of increases are they? Just curious...

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Are you trying to do a YO increase? You might want to consider going into the front and back of the end stitch on those purl rows to make a much more invisible increase.

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The pattern is written for M1's.  Well when you do an M1 on a purl row you get two stitches.  I tried doing a M1 backwards but still get the hole.

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can you knit into the front and back of the stitch to do the increase?

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Have you tried  I Googled make one purl row and got a link to a page of vids for increases. 

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Chris, when you pick up the strand between the two purl stitches with your left needle (assuming you are knitting right handed), are you inserting the needle from front to back (so the strand will come from the stitch at the left, over the top of the needle to the stitch on the right hand needle)?  Then, when you do the purl stitch, purl into the back loop.  It's a little complicated, because it's almost like you're moving the right hand needle next to the left hand needle so they're pointing in the same direction and then inserting it into that new stitch from back to front (it pulls the back loop to the left of the front loop).   A little complicated to describe, and not simple to execute either.