No new yarn, Bazaar Offer

Well, we went to the 2nd Annual Carolina Fiber Fest (part of the Got to Be NC Ag Festival). Needless to say I bought no new yarn. Partly because my stash is out of control, and partly because my 4 1/2 year old son was having no part of yarn/spinning/ knitting and all that was going on in the Fest building. He wanted to ride the rides and see the alpacas. There were some gorgeous yarns for sale and I passed up some 1/2 price mohair that was calling my name. When we got home a friend asked me to be part of a Bazaar in November (now I really have to get busy on making some things). So I was wishing that I had bought some more yarn to work up into Bazaar scarves and the like. Has anyone ever done the Bazaar thing? I could really use some advice on items that sell well, pricing, display..... (I have noticed in my little corner of the world, people who don't understand or know about quality yarn and the time one has spent to create a handcrafted piece also don't understand the price.) Since I teach and have the summers off, I am hoping to create a lot of "goods" to display and sell at the Bazaar. I hope that it will get my name out in the area as well to teach knitting classes. My wife and I have had the "Knitting Knook" set up for several months at the front of our house and it is a cozy little area with a couch, rocking chair, plenty of yarn and lots of natural light. Please respond with ideas and advice for the Bazaar. I am looking forward to showing off my "wares." It would be nice to make some extra Christmas money. Hoping I get some great ideas. Thanks


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Sounds like your son may have saved you from a stash gone rogue, Russell. Good luck with the Bazaar. I knit so slow that the idea of selling something I made and having to figure out $$/hour just gives me agita. Good luck with it though.

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I haven't done the bazaar thing Russell, but my Grandmother participated in them regularly. My advice would be to keep it simple, like cowls for instance, that would take little time to complete. You can make easy adjustments to make them look unique and are unisex. There are a TON of free patterns on Rav and Lion Brand's website. I'd probably make a few out of a nice fiber for a few of the "yarnies" who might show and the rest in a machine washable, economical fiber. A couple of other quick ideas: headbands, skull caps, fingerless mitts, tea/coffee cup cozies, keyhole scarves.

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I would say = BIG needles; you want projects that take a minimum of your time, because unless your bazzaar is veyr unusual you will not get much above the cost of the materials for your items.

That may be cynical, but I've seen it over and over and over - with many crafts.

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My mom has had good luck selling scarves, especially narrow ones, foot cozies, and dish cloths. Good luck!