Ordered my first Drop Spindle

So I ordered my first drop spindle...I know it's not really news but I am excited about it because it comes with wool roving!!! I got it on ebay for like 13 Euros, I figure this will satisfy my need for instant gratification until I can afford a legitimate spinning wheel. Plus, this will be lightweight in my luggage so I wont have to leave it behind when I come back to the states! So yay for me, I will let ya'll know how my first spinning attempt goes once it gets here!


Stan Stansbury's picture

Cool. Buying anything fun is news. When you get it, be patient with yourself as you learn. Spinning is not as easy as those who are experienced make it look.

Tallguy's picture

Agreed. I have spent many long hours (years?) spindling, and have made ALL the mistakes (several times) so now I think I can anticipate them. I enjoy doing demos and showing how easy it is! And then they try it.... :-)

Take it one step at at time. You'll get there.

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Not at all "Not really news"--whoo hoo! And may this be the beginning of a long and happy relationship!