MSKR 2010 Pt1

MSKR2010 (92)
The MSKR 2010 Ended too early, we could have spent more time knitting together. Here are some pictures of the place and the Swag.
MSKR2010 (70)
This place is going to only get better with each time we make it there. These were our goodies
MSKR2010 (92)
This was part of the SWAG, everything was fantastic and the goodies where delicious. The goody bag actually had the items on the red pouch with the pouch, the Ozark Mountain, the little skein. Mike Del Vechio Universla Yarn gave us the Red and Green, Joe gave us the Knitting Needles, I won the Red Yarn, Marlowe's Pattern was part of the Hand Out, the felting kit was a box, and the T-SHirt was for giving a Class.
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We were also gifted with a Mario Cd, with a lot of his patterns about 200, I have not looked at it yet, Thank You everyone who made this event possible.
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Thanks for sharing these pics. I agree that the weekend flew by, but it was great to spend time with everyone and get to know them. BTW, I'm still working on that blue doily in the top pic. Hope to have pics online in a few days.

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That is so mean!! To show us pics... when I couldn't be there! :-(
but looks like you all had a really great time.

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How wonderful, you all had such a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooooooo just envious lol.

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Andy - really enjoying your photos and your "Thrsday morning " video is fantastic!

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