My goal for the extended weekend.... :)

Well I set my goal for the extended weekend - I'm going to finish the never ending sweater project. I have the front & back panels done. I've now caught up the one sleeve with the other - (knitting both on a circular needle now). I have about nine inches for each sleeve to finish them. Seeing that one of my mini schaunzers (Rocco) refuses to let me knit - I will plant my bum on the porch, cocktail (Mojito) in arms reach and knit up a storm. Perhaps I should pick up a one skein project book.... LOL

I think I was going through withdraws - I've been so busy with work and getting the outside ready for summer I've neglected my knitting. Now that I started up this week (knitting) I FEEL MUCH BETTER - THERAPY! On a good note my first yearly audit went well - very well. The auditors indicated that I didn't miss a beat from my predecessor, it was like he didn't even leave! My predecessor held the position for 19+ years - he now is travel the US and other exotic destinations - lucky devil.

I'll update everyone on Monday to let you know how it went.... accountability!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Take Care


Larry n NYC's picture

mmmmmmm, mojito and knitting on the porch. Sounds like a great plan.

I just finished my first sweater this very evening. It is full of mistakes. For the first time, however, I'm not complaining since I just started knitting in February, ahhh ignorance, lol.

I also have found that if I don't knit or crochet for a while, I become a tad annoyed.

Good luck on your weekend plans.