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I don't know if you all will think this is a good idea, or even if someone's already done it, but I created a community map on :

You can add your location on the map with your menwhoknit ID and any contact information you want to share, and I thought this might help us find other knitters or spinners, for example to contact people close enough for organizing an informal knitting group. You can also add locations on the map for existing men's knitting groups.

The only men's knitting group close to me, for example, is in the city (Philadelphia) during the week at a time that isn't very compatible with my work location & schedule, so I thought it might be cool to see if there were enough of us in the northern suburbs to organize one at a different location/time.

Let me know what you think or if there's already something out there.


How does one join? I registered and joined your map, but I can't figure out how to put my address on the map.

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After you login and get to the map, there should be a pencil icon in the upper left that says "Edit Map". Click on that, then two more icons should apear in the same place, one of which is "Add Hotspot".

It'll then prompt you for the location. I'm not responsible for the icons that appear under the "Lifestyle" category - it was the only category I thought might fit, but it seems the site creators have other ideas about what a lifestyle might be :).

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Very cool! When I zoom out just right everyone looks closer!

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How the heck do you zoom out?

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Use the scaling + and - bar in the upper right side of the map.

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aha! the whole page wasn't loading for me. I switched browsers and finally got somewhere.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Thank You for setting that up I have to go and check it out closer. I saw you have some guys already.

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hmmph!!!! too complicated. Can't figure it out. Going on to knit now. :)

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I have joined groups for my area on Ravelry and find people that way. There are forums in the groups that enable everyone to communicate and to set up gatherings easily.
I met a nice group of people just four days after moving to a new city. Since then, I've joined several other gatherings (some weekly, some monthly).
Mapme looks like Frappr to me. And I used Frappr so infrequently, I was not aware it had closed down until very recently. I am interested, though, in finding out how Mapme works out. I'll keep an eye on it.

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I had the same problems. Good idea, and I did join, but the interface is none too intuitive.

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