Socks socks socks!

Haven't posted for a while. Been knitting socks like a madman with what's left over from my stash. None of the yarn is for socks.

Any good recomendations for sock yarn?


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I'm doing a pair right now is "Cascade Heritage Paints Sock" that is coming out beautifully. It's a really pleasant yarn to work with, doesn't split and with a great hand, but what really stands out it the colorway. It almost gives a noro striped scarf effect the way the stripes are working up- really cool!

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You might consider heavier than normal sock yarn if you wear boots...I find regular sock yarn much too thin to wear with cowboy boots...I either double it of use other wools. I like Cascade 220 superwash.

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I want to knit socks for my work boots once my wife stops bugging to make her socks all the time.

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I knit most of my socks with multiple's fun to blend colours that way...

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I am partial to the indy yarns they sell on My favorite is from Fiberphile, she has her own site now at:



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Of the three sock yarns I've used recently, (I'll just insert here that I'm dam tired of socks, just for the record. Can I please have something higher than a 0 gauge needle or I might put my own eyes out! That's enough for todays allotted drama) I think the Shi Bui was by far my nicest product and felt great in the hands.

I do agree with Bill, depending on the uses for these socks, maybe sock yarn isn't where you want to go, maybe something heavier/ Sounds nice to me... lol, I'm tired of 9 stitches to the inch.

I have Knit one, Crochet too on the needles now and it's okay. The malabrigo sock yarn gave a beautiful product but I was very frustrated with the tangles in the skein and the 3 breaks.

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I have decided to avoid fingering weight sock yarn in the future because I don't like working with it. Sport weight is just enough thicker to make the socks knit quicker and create a sturdier sock. I'm currently using Stroll Sport Sock Yarn from Knitpicks, and I like it a lot. Next I'm going to try their Comfy Sport Yarn (cotton blend) for socks that are cooler.

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Good to hear from you again, Kerry. I have used all types of yarn for socks: Bulky to knit house socks/slippers; Worsted/DK for general wear socks; Sport for general wear; and a variety of sock yarns for finer stuff. [My friend, Lynn, likens the latter to "toothpicks and string".] For a fairly quick pair that wears well, I go with Sport weight and 3mm doublepoints. Using a standard (for me) formula and clicking away, I've been known to turn out a pair within a few days - if on a deadline. Just experiment around until you find a yarn you really like. My experience with Malabrigo has been good but it does run thin enough that I should've gone with size 0 needles, even though my #1s are working okay. Another good thing about Sport weight is that you can find a fairly tightly spun yarn, which also improves the wear factor. Mountain Colours sock yarns are also pretty decent...I've knit several pairs with their yarn and like the end result. [Besides, their yarn was used for the pair I had published recently.] -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.