Mother's Day Socks

These were made for Mommy Dearest for Mother's Day. I just got around to uploading the photos from my camera. The pattern is by Cookie A. and called Baudelaire. I knitted them two at a time with two US2 circular Addi Turbo Lace needles. The red yarn is Knit Picks Stroll, kettle dyed in wine. The toe and cuff is knit with some left over Crystal Palace, Mini Mochi in Autumn Rainbow. I spit spliced the yarn to get the color variants I wanted to achieve.

My only modifications were starting the toe with 24 stitches instead of 16 and increasing every row for the toe on the first four rounds before going to every other row until reaching the desired stitch count. I also repeated the lace pattern one additional time before going into the ribbing. I used Judy Becker's Magic cast on and casted off using JSSBO which I really liked!

I really liked the pattern and it was fun to knit. It's a free download from You can read more details about the specifics and find out why I think my Mother is the reincarnation of Joan Crawford on my blog The Knitting Mill The photos were taken before they were blocked, so that's why they appear a bit loose. They fit really well afterward.





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Those are beautiful, Mill. I have not yet tried any cabling - more inspiration!


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Thanks Patrick! One of Cookie A.'s patterns (including this one) would probably be a good next step for you. You went from like 0-60 in no time flat with your sock knitting skills! Most of this sock is lace with a straight forward cable (of either 4 or 8 stitches depending on the size you're knitting) on either side of the ankle. These were actually my first socks knit with 2 circulars. I loved finishing both at the same time, but I have to admit I missed my Takumi Velvet DPN's with their deliciously smooth Patina.

very nice!

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The socks are beautiful. Lucky mom!

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BEAUTIFUL socks Mill. I have been waiting for these pics.

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Thanks Juan! I'm trying really hard to complete my boxers to share with everyone (the photos, not the boxers)!

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These are gorgeous. Such detail and devotion to get the exact colors. Very nice!

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Thanks Michael! I tell you what, there is so much of my saliva in these damn socks from all of the spit splicing that it took me two days to rehydrate myself after they were finished! LOL! I told some of the guys over on Rav that it's a payback for all of the times MD took a saliva laden thumb to my cheek when I was a tike. I REALLY hated that! It's also proof to everyone that you can indeed spit splice superwash wool (of which both of these yarns are composed)!

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Love the background on Mommy Dearest in your blog!
You've overcome the "hardships" of your childhood beautifully!!!

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LOL! I sent the link to MD earlier and she was cracking up! My parents have a wonderfully dark sense of humor!

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Really fun posting, Mill. I like the way you blended the two yarns to make the accents...very nice and I'd never have guessed it wasn't all one yarn. Like your new avatar photo also. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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That's awesome to hear Joe, thanks! I was trying to achieve an organic look and, ironically, the manipulation to get there was anything but! LOL! I'm becoming a big fan of kettle dyed yarns because of the dimension you can achieve--especially with lace patterns. I'd love to take a dying workshop to be able to achieve that look on my own!

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Nice looking socks Millard, and I like your new avatar.

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Thanks Kerry! I thought I'd put up something "beachy" for the summer. It's already in the mid 90's down here if you can believe that! The avatar pic was taken last summer in Perdido Key, Florida. It's a little island off the coast between Pensacola and Gulf Shores. They have a beautiful stretch of beach there and it's surprisingly secluded for being in such close proximity of popular spots. This pic of me and my ex was taken in June and you can see the lack of tourists.

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Damn about nice you REALLY have to make it to the next Men's Spring Knitting Retreat!

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Thanks Joe. You are very kind.

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Hot Dang! Who cares about the socks, love your new picture. HOT!!! BTW, did you check out the boxer shorts pictures I have on my blog?

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BTW, you have to model in them. I did and you have to now.

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Damn! Don't think I didn't think of that when I saw you guys in them at the retreat (you all looked great by the way--you got some nice stems there KC)! Yeah, I think I checked out the pics on your blog? I've been going through all the blogs with great disappointment about not being able to make the retreat. I'm definitely making it a priority next year!

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Those are beautiful socks!!! I'm working on a pair now but I have to say I don't think I'll ever get hooked on socks. Don't know why, just not in my genetic makeup I guess. I had no idea you had to block socks. Have you ever had to add elastic thread to help keep them up?


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Thanks Frank! I always have one pair of socks going at all times in my knitting bag. For me, it's the easiest thing to tote around and I'm trying to replace all of my socks with hand knit. You don't have to really block socks per say, but you will anyway the first time you wash them--especially true with superwash. I've read that a lot of people simply "block" them on their feet when they wear them for the first time. With dark colors, like this red, I always do a first wash by hand with a little wool wash, white vinegar and kosher salt to get out the extra dye and set the color. I've included a couple of pics of the initial washing and you can see what I mean about getting the excess dye out.

1st wash

1st rinse

Final rinse

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Thanks for the reminder to use vinegar and salt to remove excess dye and set the red socks keep rinsing out reddish-pink and you'd think an old dyer like me would think of it on my own. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.